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We like to think together  with you. Would you like to know  your own language level ? Or would  you, as an HR manager or recruiter, be interested in our independent advice with respect to someone’s level in business language?

Measuring is knowing…

Language coaching
Language training course

Our top 4 language training courses

Our trainer-coaches have the right didactic skills to help you to professionalise your language target.

Our formula

Elin has a pragmatic and client-specific approach, by determining  learning objectives, learning style and level.

  1.  Application
  2.  Online language test and face-to-face intake
  3.  Advice
  • …Certificate

Our customers




(function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5da8aadfa5079{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); The Elin language training was very fun and instructive. I am very satisfied with the result. And, even more importantly, at the business meeting in York, several colleagues noticed that I had greatly improved my English. In addition, compliments to the language coach, this is the first time in my life that I [...]
Onze Coach

Onze Coach

(function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5da8aadfa9e97{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); As the first Dutch Managed Service Provider in Coaching, delivering quality is our first priority.  That means that sometimes you are faced with a challenge. At the end of 2015, we were allowed to carry out all coaching for a listed multinational under the condition that they could  rely on Business English-speaking coaches. [...]


(function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5da8aadfaecb8{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); CycloMedia brings the public space into focus with high-quality 360° street photos and aerial photos with GIS accuracy.  Approximately 120 employees, spread over three global locations, work for this innovative organisation. In order to make a successful transition to a more market-oriented and international organisation, there was a need for company-wide English language [...]


(function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-5da8aadfb2b37{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); After a successful collaboration with FC Den Bosch, Elin is now training the junior players of PSV. Young talented youth players, with a promising future, who where born and raised in another country, and who are now training at the Eindhoven football club. We support them in learning to understand the language of [...]

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